A squint or strabismus often develops in young kids when the eye muscles don’t work properly to move the eyes in a parallel manner. Commonly understood as cross-eyed, the image perceived by the squint eye is ignored by the brain which leads to a condition called Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) in children.

While strabismus in adults can be cured, it does not go away on its own in children. Treatment to improve the balance of eye muscles and to improve squint should be taken as soon as possible.

Treatment of Squint

We Have a great Paediatric Ophthalmology team and provides treatment like strabismus surgery with the best of the facilities. Depending upon the type of strabismus, correct consultation and care are suggested for patients.

Along with full eye check-ups, there are a number of services provided at our centres across the country:

  • Refraction test under dilation
  • Amblyopia Treatment and Therapy
  • Strabismus surgery
  • Corrective eyeglasses and other visual aids
  • Trauma Services
  • Other surgical treatments and medicine courses.

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