Glaucoma Treatment of all the conditions prevailing human eye, Glaucoma is the most threatening one. It is also known by the name of ‘Kala Motia’ or as ‘a silent thief of vision’ due to its painless nature. Clinically, it is a slowly manifesting disease distinguished by acute damage of optic nerves caused due to retinal ganglion cell loss.

Common symptoms to look out for here are -

  • Slow degradation of the side vision
  • Headaches accompanied by the redness & pain in eyes
  • Rapidly changing glass prescription
  • Reduced vision in low light conditions or at night
  • Seeing colourful halo rings around bulbs
  • Pain around eyes after coming into the light from darkness

Anyone can have this disease, however, few people are more susceptible to it. They are the ones who are aged above 40 years, person with hypertension, migraine or diabetes, Having myopia (nearsightedness) of open-angle type or hyperopia (farsightedness) of close angle type and those who having glaucoma family history


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